Why Online Tutoring?

You may have noticed that I offer online tutoring. I’d like to share with you some of the many benefits of tutoring online.

Cost of Tutoring:

The tutor’s overhead costs (cost of transportation and opportunity cost in travel time especially) are lower, so they can offer you lower rates.

Online Convenience:

All the student really needs is a computer in a relatively quiet place. No more concerns about tidying up. Your tutor is (likely to be) able to meet if either your family or your tutor is out of town. Getting caught in traffic or having trouble finding a parking space will no longer be a problem for your tutor.

Environmentally Kind:

Online tutoring saves the environmental cost of getting the student and tutor to the same location. It also saves a bit of paper, as all records of tutoring will be digital.

Higher Quality:

Online tutoring does not limit you to select from the pool of tutors in your local area. Now you can hire from among a much larger pool of qualified tutors, to find one who will be the best fit for your child, even if they live a few time zones away.

Changing Location:

Say your family needs to move, or your child is heading off to college. With an online tutor there’s no need to go through a new search for a great person to work with your child – your online tutor can ‘move’ with you.

Health Benefit:

Tutors work with many students from many schools, each with it’s own germ culture. Meeting online means that if either your child or the tutor has a bug, the other won’t catch it. This is especially helpful for families where someone is immunocompromised.


Do you have questions about online tutoring? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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