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Is math giving you grief?

I’d love to help!

My blog has many math tutorials (with more added each week). Perhaps you want to submit a math problem? I’ll help you solve the problem in a blog post.

If you want more personalized help I offer one-on-one online tutoring, including a free 30-minute first session. If you live in San Francisco and prefer in-person tutoring, please contact me. Please note: I’m not currently adding in-person students.

I taught high school math in classrooms for 8 years, and I’m excited to help you with all levels of high school math, including Geometry, Algebra, PreCalculus, Trigonometry, or AP Calculus.

“Help! I need to get organized!”

I’ve created the “College Prep” series specifically for students heading off to school. Anyone looking to get organized will find useful information there.

The series is a how-to for getting digitally organized (set up GMail, use Google Calendar, back up your data), keeping yourself accountable and on top of your to-do list, getting better sleep, waking up more easily, practicing self-care, and more.

This all sounds great…

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the desire to learn or know more about something or someone (M-W Dictionary)

Eventually, I learned to ask questions when I was confused.

For a long time I was too shy or embarrassed to admit I didn’t understand something. I got over it while studying at Colorado College and began actively participating in classroom discussions. I learned more quickly and much more deeply once I was fully engaged; asking questions helped me gain ownership of my learning. I still ask questions when I don’t know something, during everyday conversations, tutoring sessions, and when I’m taking classes as an adult. Learning something new is so preferable to hiding my (soon to be dispersed!) ignorance.

What questions do you want to ask? Are there any that you’d like me to answer?


the act of finding or learning something for the first time (M-W Dictionary)

There’s something so exhilarating about learning new things. It’s like a light turning on in a part of the universe that you hadn’t realized was dark. Discovering new ideas and new ways of thinking is the reason I’m constantly scouring the internet for new things to read. I read news articles, personal stories, editorials, research, fiction, and web-comics, and love finding neat data visualizations.


something that joins or connects two or more things (M-W Dictionary).

Asking questions and sharing discoveries are two things I love to do. Join the community we are building here. Join our community by commenting on posts, subscribing to the newsletter, sending me a private message via the contact form, or by sharing links from RowsonTutoring.com with your circle. Enhance our community by sharing your questions and discoveries!