About Kristin Rowson

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111-Peter ObercI began teaching as a child,

sitting playmates in front of a chalkboard to explain things to them. Professionally, I began tutoring in 2001, and teaching in 2006. 

Working one-on-one is especially rewarding for me.

Tutoring individually allows me to diagnose the rough edges of ideas where comprehension is getting snagged. From there I carefully tailor my explanations to the individual in front of me.

I relish the process of finding the explanation that makes a new idea “click” with a particular student. One-on-one, I can watch closely as a student gains ownership and confidence as their comprehension grows. It’s an amazing process that I get to be a part of. Helping students gain confidence in their math ability is hugely rewarding; I look forward to helping math make sense to you or your child. 

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